This class begins with a brief introduction to handwriting (without getting too caught up in history) and moves on to experimenting with different nibs, pens and papers. As students advance, so will the challenges. Our goal is to provide the tools and environment for profiency and style. All materials for the class are provided.
Class is 1 hour long.
Cost per class: $35.00


Personal Project Consultation

This time is designed to assist with personal calligraphy projects. Please inquire for details.
Class duration is determined by project needs.
Cost: Estimates provided.


Our Shop

We carry a wonderful selection of calligraphy and handwriting supplies as well as wonderful correspondence papers from Italy and Spain. Over 100 colors of ink to choose from.



Students will experience and learn the discipline of calligraphy. Focusing on the style of their choice, they will work to master the alphabet in that style. All materials for the class are provided.
Class is 1 hour long.
Cost: $35.00


Path to Sumi-e (One sesssion)

A wonderful opportunity to discover the path to creating imagery from your soul. We begin with a calming ritual of rubbing ink stick onto stone to feel the essence of this ritual. Then onto brushstroke technique through painting of traditional subjects and balancing composition. We will explore the dance between diligent practice and "letting go" and the precious lessons gifted by the process. Through the indelible nature of brushstrokes we find, in addition to the cultivation of technique, a brief look within... a mirror in black ink.
Class is 5 hours long. Includes materials.
Cost: $230.00
Class requires pre-payment with cancellation no later than three (3) days before session begins.


Path to Sumi-e (Shorter sessions)

A way to discover and continue the Sumi-e experience. Each two-hour session becomes a ritual on its own, exploring the different ways to explore Sumi-e painting as both an art form and a practice. What do we mean by a practice? We begin with the ritual of making our own ink to slough off the clutter of our mind. This prepares us for single-pointed focus on technique through repetition and refinement. We will explore brushstroke techniques through painting of traditional subjects (bamboo, orchid, pine, plum blossom, chrysanthemum, etc.) From here we explore a practice of letting go of technique so we can bear witness to what flows through. What flows through can be pure magic.
Class is 2 hours long. Materials are separate.
Cost: $75.00